Connecting with Sweden – Ekaterina Drobysheva, Group D


My name is Ekaterina Drobysheva. I was originally born in Moscow, Russia but have lived and grown up in London, England since I was seven years old. I came to California for the first time when I started studying here at Stanford and have fallen in love with the place ever since, and hope to stay either here or move to New York after graduation.

I plan on majoring in Economics, with a minor in History. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends, travelling, going to various art galleries and museums in San Francisco, and reading.

I hope to the study the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler. I am particularly interested in how the aggressive and hysterical way that he spoke in, as well as how the bellicose vocabulary that he used in his speeches, was able to win over millions when initially it seems that it may distance people with its brutality.

I am also interested to see how Hitler was able to hide the numerous absurd obsessions and fears that he suffered from when appearing in public, and how he managed to win the trust and adoration of the German people despite the radical and inhumane policies that he often proposed (most clear examples would be ones related to the Holocaust).

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