Hey guys! Group A, US-Russia, Social Media

All of us over here are very interested in social media, and we’re excited to hear what that looks like in Russia. You can follow Dan at @redburn22, do any of you have accounts?

It sounds like you guys have a very rich political discourse on social media in Russia – I think here it is a little bit more of a cluttered space, without the same kind of national narrative that you’re describing.

Could you tell us a little bit more about what politicians are big on Twitter in Russia? Is it just Medvedev or do other leaders use accounts as well? And do these accounts merely cater to students, or do people of all ages use Twitter? Do they use Facebook pages as well?

In America, Twitter seems like more of a “fad” than a tool for democracy. On the other hand, Facebook pages seem like a more legitimate communication tool because so many more people use it.

OK, so our class is coming to an end, so we have to go! We can’t wait to continue the conversation over Skype!

Dan, Dillon, and Alexis

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One Response to Hey guys! Group A, US-Russia, Social Media

  1. Sasha says:

    Hello Dan, Alexis and Dillion! I’m happy to get your respond about our topic.
    As I already said i’m interested in people’s reaction to this phenomenon and i expect to find the contrast between your country and ours, because US is the most technicaly developped country in the world! And you have different attitudes and views. I even heard that Obma’s activity on Twitter and Youtube helped him to become a president!
    Here’s a bit different attitude.
    Guys, I’ll try to find other politicians on twitter, follow me @sasharussia2010
    See you.

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