US-Russia Group B – Introduction


Our names are Katya, Alex, Jeff and Narek. We really enjoyed reading your blog and we thought you brought up some very interesting questions.

The first topic we want to talk about is the repetition of phrases and how the presidents appeal to their target audiences. We want to talk about how presidents develop particular patterns of speaking and how these continue to characterize them throughout their presidencies. These ‘generalized’ statements become footholds that they can easily bring up in order to make themselves recognizable and more easily to identify with.

Do you think that politicians will change their rhetoric when they should, or will they continue to be locked within the confines of that stereotypical rhetoric?

We find the dynamic between Medvedev and Putin very interesting because past presidents in the states have very little political power over the current one, and each past president is free to criticize or praise the current one.

We look forward to discussing these issues, as well as others, with you in more detail on Wednesday.

Vsego horoshego i do vstrechi!

Katya, Alex, Jeff and Narek.

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