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Dear Stanford colleagues,

We suggest starting to work on our final joint presentation, which will take place on May, 26. We would also like to suggest focusing in our presentation on the following questions: What image do Presidents Medvedev and Obama try to create for themselves through social media (twitter and facebook) and what tools do they use for this purpose?

More specifically, we can research:
1) what language or techniques they use to sound less formal and seem closer to ordinary people
2) how they (if at all) try to demonstrate their active engagement with the most topical problems
3) how they (if at all) try to seem modern
4) what other leadership qualities they demonstrate through their use of social media

We are going to focus on Medvedev.

Can we exchange our blog posts on this next Thursday just to see how it is all going?

If you have any questions or ideas, e-mail us.
Group A

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4 Responses to For group on social media

  1. Dillon says:

    Hello everyone! I realize that we’ve been a little slow getting back to you, so I apologize for that.

    I looked for some answers to Question #1 for President Obama.
    Some main language/techniques include: speaking about his family and how they extend their wishes to the American people, use of the fairly colloquial word “folks” to describe regular everyday Americans and connect with them in a familiar way, and frequent use of the word “we” to identify his goals as being in common with the public. All of these suggest that Obama wishes to manipulate his ethos to show that he is a regular American too and that his goals, consequently, are in line with those of the American people.

  2. Group on Social Media says:

    Thanks Dillon! Here’s what we’ve got for question #1 on Medvedev:

    In order to sound less formal and seem closer to ordinary people, Medvedev uses such tools as responding to people’s twitts in present perfect tense, for example “ I have read”, “I have checked”, “I have shown” and so on…By doing this, he tries to demonstrate his concern about certain issues. From time to time Medvedev wishes “Good night”, “Good morning”, “having nice day” etc. Like Obama, he also tells about his family holidays and traveling, for example, when he was on the Jordan River celebrating Epiphany. He always congratulates people on all major holidays and national achievements in sports. Dmitry Medvedev also has a sense of humor. His followers remember his preNew Year twit “Rely on Santa Claus but do not mistake by yourself” and another one ”A meeting with Deep Purple reminded me of being a DJ in high school. All DJ Songs were supposed to be approved by Komsomol Committee. Child in Time never attracted suspicion”))). Besides, he often expresses appreciation for his followers. All these techniques help him to be perceived as an ordinary man.

  3. Katherine R. says:

    Hey guys, sorry I’m entering the conversation so late! I wanted to respond to Question #3 and talk a bit about how Obama tries to make himself seem modern.

    Obama’s entire presidential campaign was focused on “this generation” and the modern 21st-century world. He used cutting-edge technology to promote himself: his posters were colorful, clearly edited on Photoshop — very bright and un-traditional; his team sent regular texts, tweets and e-mails to his fans and constituents — in this way he employed social media. Obama also focused a lot on young people in the U.S.: his biggest fan-base was made up of students and people in their early twenties. He was something of a celebrity, and many American celebrities openly supported him.

    In sum, he was modern in his marketing techniques, in his language, command of social media and technology, and his tendency to reach out to OUR generation.

  4. Group on Social Media says:

    Question#2 How Medvedev tries to demonstrate his active engagement with the most topical issues

    Part of Medvedev’s tweets in his informal account and all tweets in his formal account seem to be meant to make the impression that the President is not only concerned with the most topical issues in the country, but also does his best to change these things for the better. One of his techniques is to admit that there is a problem and to promise to tackle it in the nearest future. «I checked if security is good at railway stations. The mark is unsatisfactory. Attorney General’s Office will have to work on this.» In his tweets Medvedev also tries to seem tough: « Today I’m bringing together chiefs of security agencies. Everyone’s got to work. Right at the workplace.»
    Another technique he uses is assuring that «the government and he personally will continue doing the good things» and so attracting public’s attention to what is already being done: «I gave awards to young scientists and we had a nice conversation. We are going to continue to provide grant support to them and help them with housing.»

    Question #3 Does Medvede try to seem modern and how?

    Probably realizing that much of his twitter audience is youth, Medvedev sometimes uses informal style to seem closer to his audience. For example, in his tweets, he reminisces his experiences as a student and talks about music and parties. Another technique he applies is the use of special terms that help him come across as a technologically advanced person; most of such terms relate to computers, for instance, “DDoS attacks”.

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