Group №2 “Oratory Skills”, Khabarovsk

Hi Stanford!

We were very pleased to communicate with you during our first videoconference, and now we have to think about our final presentation on May 26th.

Realizing our discussion, we came to the conclusion that we all touched the theme of leadership, therefore, we propose to elaborate the following concept of our common project: “Oratory of Medvedev and Obama as a means for demonstration of leadership style”. So we continue to make research about Medvedev and you about Obama, characterizing them as leaders and revealing the definite leadership qualities through their public speaking, rhetorical manner. We suggest to cover such aspects as:

1.       Generalization, clichés, repetition phrases, distinctive quotations. (What impact does it make on people? What reaction do speeches cause? What do the definite phrases emphasize? etc)

2.       The dynamics in elocution and public speaking in general (How has it changed for the years of presidency and how has the perception by people changed for this period of time?)

3.       The overall image and appearance of presidents (How does it influence on their public speaking manner, on people’s interest and again perception?… )

Each point will refer to some leadership quality and in conclusion we will have a clear picture of Medvedev and Obama as leaders and the impact their public performances make on people.

So we propose to work on these directions and exchange the information obtained via e-mails by April 28. And we would like to know your opinion on our plan or your vision of our common presentation. And please, enclose your e-mail addresses or other contacts in social networks to proceed with our collaboration.

Our e-mails: – Ksusha – Anna – Dina – Natasha – Vova

 We look forward to you soon reply!

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3 Responses to Group №2 “Oratory Skills”, Khabarovsk

  1. Alex Chang says:

    Hi Khabarovsk!

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been ill. I really liked the three themes that you have picked out because I think they really hit the key aspects of leadership and rhetoric and can be easily discerned from watching speeches. Recently, Obama has some new speeches that can be analyzed such as his address to the nation about the death of Osama bin Laden.

    My email is, and my colleagues should be posting their responses and emails sometime soon. I look forward to working with you.


  2. Katya Drobysheva says:

    To comment on your question about the impact that generalizations and repetition phrases have on people, I feel that their main effect is the sense of familiarity that their use creates with the audience. This familiarity then makes the audience feel more comfortable and be more receptive to what Obama has to say in his speeches, which allows him to get his message across more effectively. It also means that Obama can keep on using certain phrases in his speeches in order to make them more accessible and recognizable to his audiences, as well as more persuasive.

  3. ccrgloballeaders says:

    Hi Khabarovsk,

    With the recent events of Osama’s death, Obama’s newest speech has some very interesting rhetoric that fits well with the possible topics that you have mentioned. We will be analyzing that rhetoric and look forward to comparing results with you.


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