Stanford Group 3 “International Relations”

Hi Khabarovsk! Thanks for your post. We’ve included our e-mails at the bottom if you’d like to contact us individually (we apologize for not posting them earlier).

Your proposed is very interesting. In response, we believe that currently Americans aren’t as concerned with foreign policy as they are with domestic. For example, the state of the economy, the crisis with the budget and deficit, and healthcare as well as education have captured America’s attention over the past year and a half. This influences America’s overall perception of Obama much more so than his foreign policy, particularly in light of elections.

However, the recent announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death has generated significant positive reaction; this is definitely an exception to the rule, for obvious reasons. We will definitely be interested in hearing about Russia’s reaction to Medvedev’s foreign policy.

Here are our e-mails, and we’ll talk to you soon!

Stanford Group 3

Firas Abuzaid:
Alison Roy-Ting:
Nayeli Gallardo:
Gaurav Handa:
Dieter Rutzen:

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  1. ccrgloballeaders says:

    PS. Gaurav wanted to add one addendum: many Americans are very passionate about one foreign policy issue: the troops. This is not a majority of Americans, but rather a vocal minority. They wish to see the wars end and the troops brought home.

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