Marina’s opinion on Bin Laden’s Death!

Osama Bin Laden name has been in the head lines especially the American news for many years. After he was executed, there was a celebration to his death, which was offensive to some Arabs.  I think he deserved this execution. He is the main coordinator of terrorism in the world, in addition to implementing suicidal thoughts in young generations for years and convincing them that they are going to heaven if they killed the Americans. Osama Bin laden is obviously intelligent, he had been chased by every human being on this earth yet he managed to hide all those years, so the preeminent solution was to have him killed.

The Egyptians are divided into two parties, the first one thinks that he deserved to die, and the other think that he doesn’t deserve all the celebrations about his death.  Most of the Egyptians are sensitive and kind people who tend to overlook the negatives in one’s life especially after his death.  They think that he didn’t deserve this execution, and it would have been better if he was legally penalized.  As an Egyptian that means I’m an Arab, so Bin Laden has been the face of Arabs in the American’s eyes for many years. By stating my opinion on Bin Laden’s death I guess they can see that not all the Arabs agreed on what he did especially on September 11th. At the end we are all humans and we don’t like witnessing others being killed, so if Bin laden’s death means stopping the prejudices form the American’s side on Arabs, and decreasing the terrorism rate, then him being killed might actually help a lot of people.

The Americans should also know that they were not the only nation that Osama Bin laden hurt, Arabs too they lost young children who were brain washed into attempting suicide and thinking they are going to heaven if they killed the American’s.  In addition to, the events of September 11th was not only devastating news to the Americans only but also to the Arabs. Not all the Arabs are terrorists and we don’t agree with what they do, the terrorists are the extremist in the Arabs. We are content as much as the Americans are about bin laden’s death. Moreover, killing Bin laden without being penalized first is applying the common good approach which benefits the most and harming the least.

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