BinLaden’s death in Egypt

I consider Bin Laden’s death as the biggest event happened in 2011 even though that this year had been very exciting with all of these arab revolution. His death affected all of us and made us rethink of what happened in 9\11 and other terroristic actions. As we are all different in our way of thinking, a lot of people reacted differently to his death. Some people were affected by the media and others were affected by the people surronding them. Finally, each one of us had a reaction to his death.

For me, I thought that everyone will be happy by his death untill I started talking with this taxi driver and he told me that he was really sad that he is dead. First, I was shocked when he said that but I wanted to hear what he had to say. He told me that he considered Bin Laden as a martyr as he was the only that could stand against Americans and Israelis. He consider him as a hero beacause he took revenage on the Americans. So this kind of people who consider Bin Laden as a hero only because he take revenege from americans despite the fact that he killed many civillians. There is other group that said that USA have no right to kill him ,he should put in for a trial. They also were so angry how could they through him in the sea and in the same time they are talking about human rights.

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3 Responses to BinLaden’s death in Egypt

  1. American University in Cairo says:

    This by Samuel Nasralla
    19 years old
    mechanical student at AUC

  2. American University in Cairo says:

    I think Osama Ben Laden’s death was totally shocking news for almost every one of us; even in internet statistics it was shown than the internet action has doubled many times after releasing his death news as most of the people started to look for news to believe that he was dead. In Egypt, people weren’t very excited as some of people think that Osama isn’t the end of terror in the world and others think that he is a martyr that was killed on a war against the western world. After all, he was the one who manages AlQaida and its terrorism acts and was the cause of thousands of deaths around the world.

    By: Mena Refaat Zaki Habeel

  3. American University in Cairo says:

    Of course Binladen’s death was one of the strongest impacts to the whole world lately. The issue I want to put clear here is that the image of his death will vary from different prospectives, specially here in Egypt. People like the taxi driver you talked about are one of the common people in our society, who thought of Binladen as a hero and didn’t deserve this death while mostly the others would not care less about the news. Im one of the people who think that his death was kind of planned and wasn’t spontaneous. I believe that there is a target behind claiming his death at this time. Some say it is to help run Obama’s current presidency campaign and others think that Osama himself worked with the US government and they decided to get rid of him due to conflicts. Well, I cant be definitely sure of whats being said on the streets and Im not sure about the truth as politics is a hard game to play because after all we live in a world in which politics has replaced philosophy.

    Mohamed Khaled Saleh

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