Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Searching for reasons to blame or forgive Osama Bin Laden for the kind of person he was has been a constant battle. I feel confused, unable to make a decision regarding whether to feel sad or relieved upon his death. On his part, he attempted to end America’s legitimized terrorism on the Middle East. In reality, however, he declared war on American soldiers and civilians who were not engaged and possibly even opposed America’s strategic issues with the Middle East. Accordingly, there is a fine line between the legitimacy of America’s war on the Middle East and Bin Laden’s war on America. This arise the conflict where some people consider OBL a martyr while others think of him as a terrorist. As a fact, OBL was America’s worst enemy, a good leader, who made bad decisions. The United States has or has not made the right decision to get rid of him is something negotiable. However, I am totally against the way OBL’s dead body being mishandled and mistreated in an offensively inhumane manner.

As an Egyptian, I find it easier to take a position as whether to appreciate or criticize OBL’s assassination for two main reasons. Firstly, a couple of Egyptian individuals joined Al- Qaeda and effectively contributed to the organization’s strength. They strongly believed in their goal, to liberate Muslim lands from foreign interference, which is a common aim shared among people in the Middle East. However, they worked on achieving their goals by enforcing violence, bloodsheds and terrorism. This indicates that although Egyptians altogether support the same goal, we are totally against the damaging actions they are responsible for. Secondly, Arabs, particularly Muslims, are granted a second chance to change America’s perspective on the Middle East. We should, therefore, be pleased about OBL’s death for his actions were never approved by Middle Eastern philosophies and religions. On the contrary, civilized Egyptian protestors in Tahrir Square are a sample that best represents Arabs.

Undoubtedly, murdering OBL was not the best way to deal with terrorism. Americans should fully understand that OBL’s death will not end the threatening attacks on America. Moreover, Americans should expect a higher risk of terrorist acts, because America is not only entitled to OBL’s supporters’ rage but also to the plotting revenge that has been arising over the years.

Student’s Name: Ala’a El- Dash
Instructor’s Name: Prof. Mark Mikhael

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