What do you think of Osama Bin Laden’s Death ?

What do you think about O.B.L. being R.I.P.?!

            The reactions that are going to be discussed about the death of Osama Ben Laden are the reactions of mainly the well educated, well informed, high and upper middle classes, who have a little back ground about politics in the Middle East and US. Their ages may vary as for their genders but the reaction will stay the same. The general reaction was resentment and outrage!

            IF O.B.L. is really dead then these questions must be raised: who has the right to kill a human being without trial when they knew where he was? Why were the direct orders to kill him not to capture him alive if possible? Who has the right to dump a human being into the bottom of the sea? Why did they not take any pictures of him alive or died? Why did the BBC and CNN make his picture up and post it everywhere? Why did the Pakistani government deny that they helped in his murder even when US said that they did? And was this not the same thing that happened back in 2007 when Bush was in charge? What if this whole story is for Obama to win the upcoming election?

The answers are very obvious. Apparently nobody at all has the right to end a human’s life except maybe after trial and enough convincing evidence.  He was Muslim and so he had to be buried in an Islamic way not thrown into the waters. Not to mention, there is not enough evidence that he is really died except the words of Obama, while there are no photos or any kind of Pakistani announcements about this subject except the denial of their interference with it which, of course, raised speculations.

          Americans should be aware of a very important fact that Osama Bin Laden is not a representative for the Arabs and specially Muslims. Some people think he is a martyr, but a real hero doesn’t kill innocent civil. For me, as an example, I faced some issues and debates during my visit to the US once because people thought I am a terrorist. Actually Arabs are not terrorists; they are normal people. For every rule there are exceptions and one of the exceptions of the “Arab rule” is “Al Qaida.” We are not following a terrorism party or believing in terrorism. So all Americans should put in consideration that “Arabs” is a word of people who share, ethics, language, some traditions, and may be some of their cultures and it is not a word referring to terrorism.

Fady Yanny

Rehab A. Abdallah

Amir Fayez

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