Bin Laden’s Death–Reply

Bin Laden was the most wanted terrorist in the world. He should be looked at as everyone’s enemy for several reasons. He claims that his hijacking of the September 11th attack was all intended to get back at the American’s. He also believes that since they aren’t Muslims, that they should be killed. This is no excuse for such an awful event. The people on the plane and the others in the towers had nothing to do with what the American government could have done a long time ago.

Although many people had different point of views, I think that only one point of view should be accepted, and that is the fact that he deserved his death. American’s looked at this as a new holiday. American’s and the American government have been tracking this man down for several years now. The day he was taken down was the day everyone celebrated. The only other problem the American’s fear is the fact that the people who backed up Osama Bin Laden might attack the American’s for this doing.

The Egyptian’s also looked at this as a day of justice, but some also looked at it as a wrongdoing. Even though the majority of the Egyptian’s and the Arabs thought that the best solution was to taken Bin Laden down, others might have argued otherwise. Some Arabs stood next to Bin Laden’s actions. The American’s taking down Bin Laden was an offensive stab towards some Arab’s who believe that the ‘’Muslim brotherhood’’ (Ekhwan El Muslimeen) is the right way to look at the Quran.

Done By: Sameh Rashad Yousef Abu Gharieb

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