My personal reaction to the death of Osama Ben Laden.

When a man becomes the most wanted criminal in the world, and he has many countries on his back trying to capture him. He becomes the center of attention of many leaders that are trying to put an end to terrorism since this criminal is considered to be the biggest and most dangerous terrorist. Ousama Ben Laden was the target of a lot of countries and especially the United States that has been after him for ten years. Ousama Ben Laden was behind many terrorist attacks and the biggest ones were the World Trade Center and The Pentagon, He has made it clear that his goal was to destroy the United States. On May 2nd, 2011 came to be a day that everyone around the globe was going to remember and especially Americans as president Obama gave a historical speech stating that Ousama Ben Laden was murdered by the United States. Everyone around the world was shocked when hearing the news of the death of Ousama Ben Laden. According to the United States government Ben Laden was killed inside his compound in north-west Pakistan close to the capital Islamabad, he was shot once in the head and once in the chest. When I heard the news at first I rushed to read the story and how did it happen, so when reading the full story I started questioning so many things about it and personally it just sounded like a movie and a little too perfect to be true. As soon as the news came out, every magazine and newspaper and every news channel started talking about Ben Laden’s death, but no one seemed to know what happened exactly and everyone was still confused and under shock. As I was going through many news websites on the internet to hear the story from all sides, I came across an article in the New York Times that got me very confused and a little bit angry. The article stated that they said that they buried his body at sea and within twenty four hours according to the Islam rituals. They said that they buried his body within twenty four hours because of the Islamic ritual, and that they buried it at sea because no country wanted to take it, but what was annoying to me personally is that the article was not clear and made it sound like they had buried him at sea and within twenty four hours according to the Islamic rituals, when in Islam there is not such a thing as burying someone at sea. This was only adding to the much confusion and stereotypes that many people and especially Americans have about Muslims and the religion of Islam. But what I did not fully understand is that why doesn’t the US keep his body when they are saying that this is their big victory and that they have been trying to get Ben Laden for more than ten years now? I also do not understand the reason why they were so concerned with burying Ben Laden according to the Islamic rituals when both Bush and Obama kept repeating over the years that Osama Ben Laden does not represent Islam. Then why do they even care about burying him according to the Islamic ritual?
As soon as the news came out many people and especially Americans walked out of their homes, and many went in front of the White House to celebrate, they were singing and dancing and extremely happy. I need to clarify here that I do not support the acts of Ben Laden and I am not sad for his death, but I do not believe in celebrating the death of a human being which I know a lot of people do not consider Osama to be human but let us not be irrational, Osama Ben Laden is a terrorist yes, but he is still a human being. So personally I did not agree with all the people that were celebrating his death and also many people thought that the world is going to be a better and safer place, I really think that this is very stupid to say. Because Osama is only one man and one man cannot bomb places like the World Trade Center alone, it is just not realistic and people need to understand that there are many and not even talking about Al Quaeda, many terrorists around the world look up to Ben Laden as a mentor. This is what we must stop to think about and this is what concerns me right now is what is coming after, because now all of his followers all around the world are going to be extremely mad and they will want revenge. At first Al Quaeda came out saying that they were still in contact with him and that he is not dead, but the second day they confirmed his death which until this day I am honestly still not sure if he’s really dead or not. The thing that we must understand is that this is only the first step in a war against terrorism.

Final paper.
Soumia Ait Bendawad

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