Hello everyone!

To the left on the picture you can see me … Gunilla from the rhetoric program at the University of Örebro.



As you can see, I´m older than the other in my class! I’m a mother to four children, but only one of them is mine biological. My husband was divorced and had the other three children already when I met him. That kind of families is not very exceptional here in Sweden. In my whole professional life, I’ve been working as a staff nurse. My last work was at a health care centre. There I met lot of people who was refugees from many different countries. Sometimes it was difficult to take care of a human who doesn’t have the same culture and the same language as me, but I’ve learned a lot, most about how people from other countries consider Swedish people. Many people think that we are shy and very boring.  I agree, but not for 100 percent. Swedish people are not shy, instead I think that we are scared about what other people thinks of what we’re going to say. Therefore it takes time for us to open our mouth’s to speak. Swedish people see themselves as very politely, but it’s not the whole truth. Yes we are politely when we meet, but behind peoples backs we’re talking a lot of them and I think that we’re very critical to each other; How we raise our children, what we think about things, who we meet and so on. That depends on that many Swedes are very conflict cautions. But I can see that the young people here in Sweden are not equally conflict cautions as we older are. In Kopparberg where I’m from, lives about 5000 inhabitants and I think that many of them complain on everything, but they don’t do something about the things they think is wrong. In the other hand we take care of, and help each other. There are many nonprofit associations, for sports, culture and handicrafts. I think that Swedes laughing a lot and we like to have fun.

I see myself as a happy woman, who likes to talk a lot, but not in English. I hate to say wrong things and that happens every time I try to speak English. I don’t want to lose my head and that is typical for Swedes! If you want to talk with me, you can be sure that I understand what you are saying, but it is not sure that I answer you… but I promise to try!  I am not shy, so you can ask me about anything.

See you!


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  1. Catherine Vognerubova says:

    Thank you for your post, Gunilla.
    Interesting the way you describe Swedish communication style. On the contrary, Russians like to dominate when they communicate, and often have difficulties to actively listen to their partners.
    Common feature – we also talk a lot behind people’s backs….

    Talk to you soon,

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