Emelie och Tove säger hej!


We´re Emelie and Tove and we study rhetoric and leadership at Örebro University. It´s going to be really fun to get to know all of you, and to learn more about your cultures and how our cultures interact.

As a first step, we thought we’d tell you a thing or two about us here in Sweden. What is up with us? Two keywords to get to know us are ”fika” (a smaller meal, consisting of different types of snacks and coffee, where the social aspect of it probably is more important than the eating itself) and ”lagom” (never too much and never too little, just about enough of everything, this expression can be applied to everything in the Swedish society, never stand out!). Despite (or because of) the long and cold winter we all just love our beautiful Swedish summer when the nature turns green and people lighten up. Did you know that in some parts of Sweden, during summertime, the sun never goes down? Another thing about us Swedes is that we rather celebrate midsummer than our own national holiday and we seem to be more proud of the pop group ABBA than of our Royal family.

Emelie’s my name and I’m a soon-to-be 20-year-old from a small town called Mora. I moved to Örebro last autumn to begin my studies at the University. Writing is something I’ve always liked, so when I found out there was a student magazine here in Örebro, I immediately wanted to try it out! Beside studying and writing, I love to work out. Mainly I take different classes at a nearby gym, and since I’m dancing kind of girl, zumba is my favourite! To catch the small amount of daylight we experience here during this time of year, I often try to take a walk in the (hopefully) beautiful weather.

I’m Tove Quick and 28 years ago I was born here in Örebro. I like this town, it’s “lagom”, but what I like even more is my two year old daughter, music and travelling! Mostly I’ve travelled in Europe so I really look forward to get a glimpse of what life is like in Russia and USA. Just like Emelie I like dancing and going to the gym, but most of all I like music. I just love singing, writing songs and, of course, listening to music. Örebro University is a great university with inspiring teachers and students. At the moment we’re taking a class called Cross Cultural Rhetoric and thanks to that we get to know you guys! My major is Rhetoric but I will also study leadership and communication in the coming couple of years.

Hälsningar från Tove och Emelie

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7 Responses to Emelie och Tove säger hej!

  1. Örebro University, Sweden says:

    LOve you guys. You are the best!

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  3. Thank you for sharing these two keywords, Emelie, and Tove
    In Russia, when you are invited for a cup of tea, be prepared for a 3 course meal!
    My grandmother used to say ” The longer one sits at the table, eating, the longer his/her life is in paradize” , which means we like to sit, eat and talk , in big or small companies, especilally when celebrating.
    When you offer a cup of tea or something to a Russian, be prepared to offer at least 2 or 3 times in a row untill he/she agrees. The immediate reply “no” doesnot mean real “no”, they anticipate you offer one more time, this is cultural.
    If you are hosted by a Russian family, they will be offereing food very often to you, and feel upset if you refuse.
    My students will continue…

    • Emelie Bröms says:

      Thank you for that very useful information about your russian traditions. It seems like both of our cultures value spending time together over a cup of tea or coffee. But there also seemed to be some differences in how initiatives are taken, manners and general behavior that are taken into account.

      I also have to say, I really look forward to working together with You and your students on this project. A first contact has been made and so far I am overwhelmed by the warmth and openness that I have been shown.

      My best regards.

  4. Sveta says:

    Thank you for your topic, it was very interesting to know something new about your culture and, I think, we will use this new two words in our everyday life) As Olga Vladimirovna said, we like to sit, talk and eat)) This is small russian tradition and we’ve just wrote about it in our greeting))

    • Emelie Bröms says:

      I am glad to hear that our presentation may come to good use for you! The importance of talking, eating and appreciating the company of others is a great fact that I will be sure to remember. It most certainly seem to be a very warm and positive tradition that you have in Russia and something that we here in Sweden really should try to be influenced by. Unfortunately I am afraid that we have moved towards a food-culture where speed and “effectivity” is higher valued than the pleasure of sharing a meal together.

      I am really looking forward to working with you on this upcoming project!

  5. Nastya says:

    Hello, thank you for the information)
    It is very interesting for us to learn something new about the Swedes.
    And in some parts of Russia, during summer time, the sun never goes down.
    It is called white nights.
    The most famous Russian city, where there are white nights, is St. Petersburg.
    usually it’s lasts from 11 June to 2 July in St. Petersburg.
    White Nights is a kind of symbol of St. Petersburg. In this time of year the city hosts various festivals, concerts, etc.))

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