Hej, hello and привет!

We are Amanda and August, and we were thinking about what would be important for you to know about us in Sweden before we interact with each other. Our first thought was that we were a very simple kind of people to talk and interact with. Then one of us came up with an anecdote from a comedy club in NYC a year ago. It started out as a “casual” comedy with casual jokes. But when the comedian found out that we were a group of Swedish guys among the audience the jokes and sketches turned into a roast of the Swedish nation. Here’s how the roast began:

“If you meet a Swedish guy after a very rough day and says to him:

–       I just got robbed and lost my wallet, keys and my cell. I have nowhere to stay tonight; I have no idea what to do…

And the Swedish guy responds:

–       Oh man that really sucks… Well, good luck with that shit.

Thank you Sweden for the help!!! Don’t mind helping a poor guy out and maybe offering him a place to stay, some money or at least a phone call from his cell!”

We’re quite sure that most of the Swedes are not that unwilling to help, but after we discussed this we realized that a small truth may lay behind it, since it’s not a part of our culture to open up our homes for strangers, that thought just doesn’t pop up in our minds. One reason why it is like that might be the behavior of our parents when we are kids. They often say things like: “Do not interact with strangers, their intentions might be bad”.

This anecdote could probably summarize one part of the Swedish mentality, the part of us being a reserved people.

But no worries, if you guys ever get lost, robbed and your life really sucks, we would both gladly help you out! …with letting you borrow our phone, haha!

Amanda: I’m 20 years old. I moved from Stockholm to Örebro in August, mostly because of this rhetoric program, which I enjoy a lot and I do, so far, find interesting. One of my big passions is baking! I love to do different kinds of cupcakes when there is time… At my parents house in Stockholm, or actually they live out in the archipelago on a pretty small island, I have a black Labrador, named Alex. He´s really great and a big part of my life as well and I miss him a lot while staying in Örebro…

August: I’m 23 years old. I enjoy the rhetoric program here in Örebro as well, but I consider to take a small break and travel for a couple of month after the summer. That’s what I like the most, travelling the world and meet new people and face new cultures. I was by the way in US and CA last year, and really enjoyed it. I would like to go to Russia at some point as well, maybe go by the Transsiberian Railway.

Hear from you soon,

Amanda and August

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5 Responses to Hej, hello and привет!

  1. Andreas B says:

    Hi Im Andreas
    And I’m not studying anymore nor living in Sweden (since 87…) but I am Swedish anyways 🙂
    I lived in the US too!
    I like these conversations u have!
    Swedes, u should also talk about the restless need for travelling of our people! And perhaps related to your – impressivelly honest – comment on “unfriendliness”, Swedos often feel the need to go see abroad how things are “better”… 🙂

  2. I like your sincere comments on behaviour and attitudes of Swedes, thanks!
    Russian culture is very relationship oriented, so establishing good relationship is a prerequisite of success if you deal with Russians, in business or in other activities. Russians value trustworthy long lasting relationships. They will likely open the door to you, if they “feel” your good will, even if they do not know you.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    That is so wonderful that you wrote in your post hello by Russian language! That makes people to become your friend, especially Russians! And your comments about culture is really actual. When people from different countries watch foreign films, hear some anecdotes or jokes, read something in the Internet they become thinking about this culture exactly by stereotypes! That is so awful! People should communicate to know who foreigners are.
    As fir Russians I can say that we examine everybody whom we meet in our lives and try to understand that we are prepared to trust them. Then some of these people can become our friends in the future. And we always do everything for our friends. That’s the truth!

  4. Alina says:

    Hi Amanda and August!!)It was interesting for me to know some facts about Swedish culture!!But I can’t ignore August’s words about Russians Transsiberian Railway!!So,if you like crazy travelling,extreme and if you want to get an incredible experience for all your life,you should try it!!!
    Amanda,you have one of the most intelligent and beautiful dog!but isn’t it difficult to take care for him?Besides,he has wonderful name like a lion in a cartoon Madagascar))

  5. Anastasia says:

    Hi Amanda and August!:)Rhetoric is cool! I think it`s necessary to have rhetorical skills for the modern life, especially in business communication. There is a lack of such useful subjects in Russian educational system.
    August, i don`t advice you to go to Russia by the Railway 🙂 I can not even imagine how much time it will take to get to us 🙂 But I admire your desire to visit Russia. It`s full of fascinating nature, interesting tradition and friendly people 🙂 So, where would you like to go in Russia?

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