Hello from Anna and Maria!

We are two Swedish girls that study Rhetoric, communication and leadership at Örebro University. We both likes to travel and meet new cultures and therefore we are now looking forward to get to know you!

Maria: I´m 31 years old, I was born in the middle of Sweden but moved to the capital city Stockholm when I was 19 yers old. In Stockholm I was working for Coca-Cola but now I am on leave of absent for studies, which is why I moved back to Örebro.

Anna: I´m a 24 years old girl from a Swedish town called Linköping. The last five years I have lived abroad, mostly in Norway, Spain, Greece, Venezuela and Egypt. When I´m not studying I like to hang out with friends and to play soccer. I am also a big fan of extreme sports, and likes to try new things.

Right now we are sitting in our classroom, outside it is snowing, which is quite normal this time of the year. It´s about -5 Celsius degree and the sun will settle at 16.00. This is the darkest month of the year, and many are now looking forward to the spring, that will arrive in april. All our four seasons are very different from eachother and we think that  that is one of the benefits with Sweden.

  1. -November-March =Cold winter, hopefully full of snow.
  2. -April–June, springtime (finally!)
  3. -July-August= Sunny (hopefully) summer!
  4. -Septmeber–October = Autumn, with a lot of beautiful colors.

Talking about the weather… Weather is the most common communication between Swedish people. We can also see how the climate effect our social lives. During the cold months many people stays inside and isolates themselves from eachother, but during the warm months we get happy and more outgoing again! If you should ever visit Sweden, we would recommend you to come during the summer months. Or, if you like snow and skiing, the north is really beautiful in the winter!

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3 Responses to Hello from Anna and Maria!

  1. Ksenya says:

    Thanks for your message!
    My name is Ksenya. I´m 20 years old and I study in Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law in Russia.
    It was very interesting to read some facts about your life and likings.
    I take a great interest in everything that connected with Spain, Spanish culture. So, I would like to ask you, Anna, how did you find your stay in Spain?
    And, if it´s possible, could you indicate the main features of temperament of the Swedes and Spaniards, which distinguish them from each other?

  2. Kate says:

    Last summer I was Stockholm. It is a very beautiful city, the architecture is impressive. I’d love to go there in winter, as you warmer than here in the far east.
    Where you go to rest when the holidays?

  3. Pepe says:

    Priviet Ladies !! My name is Pepe, I am from Spain and It would be a pleasure to be in touch with you and discuss about nationalities and cultures. I have lived in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and now Moscow :))) So Ksenya, you may discover by yourself all what you want. You are welcomed. I also speak Spanish, French and chout-chout Russian. Я стараюсь :)))

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