Hello Khabarovsk and Stanford!

We are Ellen and Sarah and we are students at Örebro University. We just started our second semester. Ellen is 20 years old and she likes to hang out with her friends and watch a good sports game on TV on her spare time. Sarah is 21 years old and she also likes to hang out with friends and work out at the gym.

We just started this class, Tvärkulturell retorik A1, and we already think it’s interesting and fun! We are looking forward to learn more about other cultures!

We believe that many people think that Swedes are xenophobic, but we don’t believe that’s a fact. We think that Swedish people in general are simply shy and don’t feel the need to be the first one to make contact. Swedes are also afraid of taking too much space; however, this is not how everybody acts. Like the two of us, we are happy and outgoing people!

One other thing is that swedes don’t talk to strangers. We are raised not to talk to strangers. When we were kids our parents told us not to talk to strangers and we didn’t! Actually, the only time we talk to strangers is when we are intoxicated by alcohol! You can still be an outgoing person but that doesn’t make you comfortable in the company of a stranger. It’s a pity, because we are very social and happy in general.

We have 4 seasons in Sweden, winter, spring, summer and fall. Swedes allways complain about the weather during winter but we travel to warmer countries during summertime. That is only because that’s among the few times on the year swedes having vacation, not because we don’t like the Swedish summer! The Swedish summer is really nice when it doesn’t rain!

Now we have a question for Russia!

One of our friends is from Russia and her parents are really strict and kind of angry, are that common for Russian parents?

Hope you learned something about us and about swedes! We are looking forward to hear from you! Take care!

(Ellen to the left and Sarah to the right!)

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8 Responses to Hello Khabarovsk and Stanford!

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  2. Well, ther are different families and very different attitudes in Russian families, very hard to generalize. But yes, the overall attitude is to be strict, rather than allowing kids to do what they want. Watch the movie “Vozvrashenie ” ( “the return “) by Zvyaginzev, and you will see the attitudes in the family which many Russians would interpret as love, while many US students view such behaviour as “cruel”, as we learned last year , when we discussed that movie with Mount Holyoke students in USA.
    I hope my students will share more about attitudes to kids in their families, to illustrate the diversity and yet the tendencies.
    Very interesting question, thanks!

  3. Sasha says:

    Hi, Ellen and Sarah. Sure, Russian parents are strict, but that’s only because of huuuge love. Russian parents protect and sometimes overprotect their children. The most common wisdom is “Our lives were hard, at least our children will live better…”
    Children are a constant source of pride. All their academic, sports, or musical achievements are gladly discussed and demonstrated. That’s why sometimes our parent are commanding and rigid.

  4. Sveta says:

    Hi, girls! You posted very informative topic)) And I would like to answer your qestion. I don’t think that all of our parents are strict. They can be strict when we don’t want to study or because of our bad bahaivor. They try to teach us to respect time, to be honest, to be strong and good people at all) For example, my Mom is veeeeeery kind and I don’t remember when she punished me or something else.. And she likes all my friends and is always very glad to see them in our house)) And if you want to visit Russia and Khabarosk or Komsomlsk-on-Amur ( it’s my native town) my family will be very glad to see you )

  5. Alina says:

    Hi girls!I see you are active and open hearted!So,I can say the same about my Russian friends and their parents!Yes,all people are different BUT most part of our parents just try to be friens for their children and at the same time to make their children’s lives better!)

  6. Anastasia says:

    Girls! Strict attitude to whom that we love is our historical heritage. Russians couldn’t imagine the love without sufferings! And what is the real way for parents to feel love to their children by all heart? Of course, it’s to making something nervous. I’m joking, it happens because of very difficult experience of our parents, they had veery difficult times in our country. But now the situation has changed, but moreover parents don’t want us to do the same mistakes as they did. They just protect us and want the happiest live for us, without any sufferings. Our parents, our family is a very important part of our live, of our culture, of our heart. Oh, and our parents wants us to eat a lot, cheeks and a good appetite is a healthy indicator of a lovely kid))

  7. Anna says:

    Hi, Girls! that’s was interesting to know some facts about swedes and I can say that most of russians are the same. Our parents often told us did’t talk with strengers and it’s only for safety, because when we are very young we are vulnerable, right? 🙂
    Now you can meet a lot of russian teenagers who are very closed! And it’s the effect of society mostly. Many people are shy and fear to speak before the public. These facts are the reason why they can be closed.
    What about parents? It depends from family. But my parents, as example, are sensible and allow me to perhaps all within a reasonable.

  8. Sarah and Ellen says:

    Hey everyone!
    Thnaks for your answers! It’s interesting to hear about and get some perspectiv and understanding of your way of loving eachother! It’s very different from here because our parents are more soft and not so strict! But, as Anastasia said, it’s probably a historical thing in sweden aswell!
    It’s also nice to here that you feel like Russian teenagers are simular with swedes!:D
    It will be fun to talk to you later!:D До свидания!
    /Sarah and Ellen

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