Hello from Stanford!

We’re three Stanford students: Nish, Jeremy, and Shaughnessy. We’re currently taking a class on the Rhetoric of Global Leadership and look forward to talking to you tomorrow!

In our class, we choose a leader  and research the rhetorical strategies they use to shape the face of the globe. We’ll be examining Jane Goodall, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and Christine Lagarde, respectively.

Nish: Hi! I’m from India and am interested in Product Design in the Silicon Valley. You mentioned that gets very cold in Sweden; it’s not very cold in California, but I get cold easily. I enjoy playing soccer, and used to play with my neighbor who was from Sweden. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of my favorite players. I look forward to meeting you!

Jeremy: Hej! I am from Florida, which is all the way on the east coast of the United States, completely opposite from Stanford. I am studying history and music, but am also interested in leadership and enjoying learning from the leaders we are researching in our class. I play jazz piano, and enjoy surfing and swimming. I recently saw The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, which gave me my first insight into what seems to be a frigid Swedish landscape.

Shaughnessy: Hello! I’m from Idaho, which is a mountainous state in the West. I’m studying Engineering Physics and Slavic Language at Stanford. I enjoy flying planes and reading poetry. I don’t know much about Swedish politics, but it was interesting to listen to your Prime Minister. Looking forward to seeing you!

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