Hi from Adele and Jaeyeong!

Hi, we’re students in Alyssa O’Brien’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric class on global leadership.

Adele: I’m a sophomore currently planning to major in chemical engineering. I’m originally from the East Coast, but my parents are living in Shanghai, China, at the moment. I have two half-sisters named Nora and Amelia, aged 5 years and 5 months. I’m an avid runner and I like to cross-country ski (which I would love to do in Scandinavia someday!), and I plan to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research and development. For my research project in this class, I will be analyzing the rhetoric of Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist who is best known for his outspoken campaign against creationism and religion.

Jaeyeong: I am an International student from South Korea (not NORTH KOREA! Some people confuse this thing sometimes.) And I am thinking of majoring in biology and planning to do research on it in future. I am from Seoul (Actually a suburb town that is 10 minutes (if there is no traffic) from Seoul by car.) and have lived in there before I came here and was the only student going to college in the US in my high school. (was not the only one to go to college outside Korea though, some of my classmates went colleges in Japan like University of Tokyo) I have one younger brother and he is waiting for college admission results right now. I am doing research on Gandhi in my class and I will analysis rhetoric he used during his Indian independence movement and going to explore his nonviolent resistance.

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