Introducing Three Stanford Girls!

Hi!  Our names are Sam, Ellora, and Kaitlin and we are in PWR 2 studying the Rhetoric of Global Leadership.  Here’s a little about us:

Sam: I am a Sophomore at Stanford majoring in Management Science & Engineering (MS&E.)  I was born and raised in Palo Alto, California.  I’m researching Oprah Winfrey for my PWR 2 project.  My favorite food is sushi!

Ellora: I am also a Sophomore here at Stanford but I’m majoring in Computer Science.  I am from Portola Valley, California and I’m doing my PWR 2 project on Marissa Mayer, the first female engineer at Google.  In high school, I played lacrosse!

Kaitlin: I am also a Sophomore at Stanford and I’m majoring in Science, Technology and Society (STS).  I’m from Paradise Valley, Arizona and I’m doing my PWR 2 project on the rhetoric of Condoleezza Rice.  I’m an only child and I have a little white dog named Bug!

Here are some American tidbits you might find interesting/funny: We are very personable-we like shaking hands, giving high fives, giving hugs, etc.  American college students really enjoy finding new types of music and spending time with our friends in our leisurely time.   Sometimes we go into San Francisco on the weekends!

We are sorry that we cannot participate in the video conference tomorrow (Wednesday) morning because we have other classes we cannot miss.  We know it’ll be a fun experience for all of you!


Sam, Ellora, and Kaitlin

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