Gillie, Chanhwa, Ken

Hi there! Our names are Gillie, Chanhwa, and Ken, and we are three Stanford sophomores in a writing and rhetoric class called “Global Exchange: Intercultural Communications.” We are looking forward to chatting with you!

Gillie: I am a second-year student at Stanford, studying political science and history. I’m especially interested in Africa and the Middle East. My family lives in New York, so I’m a newcomer to the West Coast. Given my experience of California palm trees and sunshine, I’m not sure I’ll be going back to the East Coast anytime soon. Outside of class, I mentor middle school students from the area, and I’m involved with Stanford STAND, an anti-genocide and mass atrocities group on campus. I’m excited to learn more about your backgrounds, and I’m looking forward to exploring our distinct cultural identities.

Chanhwa: Hello, I am a second-year Stanford student considering majoring in Chemistry although I am not so sure about that after my midterm last week. I am originally from South Korea and moved to the US when I was nine. I have spent most of my time here in the South (Oklahoma and Texas), so I may be able to represent that part of America since the other two students in our group are from the East and the West. I am also interested in history, art and architecture in addition to the lovely biology and chemistry classes that I am taking. I am definitely looking forward to speaking to you guys in a few days. (Apologies about the picture… Not really awake now).

Ken: Hey guys, as are my colleagues, I am Sophomore at Stanford University. I am planning on majoring in Biology. I grew up in the rainy Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area. I enjoy being outdoors and partaking in exhilarating activities. I look forward to meeting you guys and learning more about Swedish people!

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