Hellooo from Stanford!!

Hi, my name is Nancy. Pham I’m currently a sophomore (2nd year) at Stanford, currently majoring in Management Science and Engineeering with a minor in Chinese language. I am ethnically Vietnamese, and my parents are immigrants from Vietnam. I loveeeeeee Vietnamese food (and many other types of food as well).

Currently, I live in Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World and Harry Potter Land (Universal Studios), but my hometown is right outside Washington, D.C. Florida weather is generally hot and humid, with random rain showers from January to April. It is different from California weather, which is more dry and cool.


Hey, my name is Arjun. I’m 19 years old, also a sophomore (2nd year) at Stanford; I’m studying computer science and math. I was born India; but when I was three, my family moved to Chicago, in the US Midwest, where I grew up. I loveee Indian food and Chicago food (deep-dish pizza).

Just before this school year, my family moved about thirty minutes from university. Weather is much nicer here: Chicago was cold and snowy in the winter and hot and humid in the summer; California is dry and warm-ish year-round. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, watching movies (including Bollywood).


We are very excited for the video exchange this coming Wednesday!!

-Arjun & Nancy


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