Hello from Khabarovsk!!!

We are Anna, Ksenya and Alina. We are intrested in foreign cultures, in meeting new friends all over the world.

Speaking about us, we are fond of travelling and respect different kinds of sport. All together we like to go to the night clubs. Anna is 19 years old and both Ksenya and Alina are 20 years old. We try to spend our free time together, moreover, we are the best friends.

Anna and Alina are crazy about snowboarding and when we have a chance we do it even in Japan. As for Alina and Ksenya, we fall in love with dancing and doing it since childhood.

We would like to note, that there is a stereotype about Russians, that we are  very aggressive. But we completely dissagree with it, because all of our friends including us are very friendly and open for a new acquaintances.

We will be happy if you leave your response!!!

From the left: Ksenya, Anna, Alina

Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, Russia


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5 Responses to Hello from Khabarovsk!!!

  1. varun says:

    Hi, friends I am from India. I am a great admirer of Russian culture and natural landscape beauty. Although I have only watched it in documentary and movies. But, I hope someday I will visit the great land of Russia. I dream of living in Siberian region.
    Please do reply

  2. Raúl says:

    Hi, friends I am from Perú Lima. I hope someday I will visit the great land of Russia.

  3. Marcos Oliveira says:

    Hello the three of you, how is it going. Im from Brazil and work as a lawyer. Im headed to Khabarovsk by the end of september. Let’s have a drink!

  4. Craig penfold says:

    Khabarovsk is a great city as I have been there. I also agree Russians are very friendly. The bad images is just crap Hollywood movies. Craig from New Zealand.

  5. Pepe says:

    Priviet !! Hope you are doing well My name is Pepe, I am from Spain and I would like to meet people from Khabarovsk. Kisses from Spain

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