A Big Hello from such a small company

Hello, we are Anastasia, Darya and Kate, three students at Khabarovsk Acadamy in the International Marketing class, and we are very excited to talk to you!

Anastasia: Hello! I`m 19. Friends think I’m cheerful, kind, sympathetic, responsible. I am always ready to help and give advice. I graduated from a school of arts and ceramics. I have studied there for 10 years. I love outdoor activities, foreign languages, meet new people, serious films. I look at the world positively, so the jokes are important in my life. In my free  time I work, teaching English. I can look at  sea, sky and fire infinitely. My dream is to visit Italy, and Alpine meadows. I would be very happy to communicate and make new acquaintances. I’m looking forward to meet you!:))

Darya: Hey guys, to be honest I was frighten to join this project at first, but then I understood that it  is really interesting! I don’t want to lose such great opportunity! What can I tell about myself? I like studying, swimming, dancing! I adore babies! Traveling, as the most people, I think…I like spend holydays on the sea…Well,  I LIKE EVERYTHING! REALLY! J I dream of having a chance to visit St.Petersburg regularly! I want to visit Italy just because I love Adriano Chelentano who was born and living to this day there. And it”s not important that he is elderly!  But I don”t want to leave the Far East. It’s really beautiful place, Welcome! 🙂

Katе: I love to skate, traveling a lot. I was in Thailand, Finland, Sweden and Norway last year. They are very beautiful, exciting countries, particularly Sweden! So I want to know more about your country! I like walking, spending time with friends.
My dream is to live in St. Petersburg, the most amazing city in Russia.

We are look forward to meeting you guys and learning more about Swedish people! Lets chat by e-mail for the beginning:

Anastasia – darlinggirl-l10@mail.ru

Darya – darya.belotserkovets@mail.ru

Kate – katyunyaf@mail.ru

and then Skype is welcome! 🙂

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One Response to A Big Hello from such a small company

  1. Emelie Bröms (Örebro Group 4) says:

    Hello to all of you: Anastasia, Darya and Kate!

    I was so glad to read your introductions and the examples you gave on Russian culture and the information about yourselves. I think this cooperation is going to be great and most of all so much fun! Especially, I loved to read about your dreams for the future, they are so inspiring!

    I have sent e-mails to you, so i definitely think that is a perfect way of starting our communication, just as you said. Then, next week, we also have the videoconference at our universities and it is going to be so fun to get to see and meet you live!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    P.S. Veronica (the other half of group 4) sends her best regards.

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