Hello from Nastya and Lizas!!!

Hello everybody! We are Lisa, Nastya, Lisa. We are third year student at Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law. Our specialization is international marketing. We like to study English so much! And we are glad that we will have the conference with you because it is wonderful opportunity for us to communicate! Our subject is The crisis in February 2010 until today. We would like to discuss this subject and share the information before the 1st of March. Please welcome!

I am Liza! I enjoy snowboarding, listening to music, going to night clubs. I like summer, go through life with a smile and would like to live in Asia.

Hi, I’m Nastya! I like traveling and meet new people. I enjoy summer, sun and sea! In summer I like riding bicycle. I love my friend and to communicate with them when I have free time.

Hello I am Liza too!    I enjoy sport, especially run and football. I watch all FIFA and EURO games! That is really wonderful for me! I like music, dance and a little play the guitar. Besides, I like animals so much and have a dream to found my own horse club and teach children to ride.

Here are our e-mails, if you’d like to write!

Liza: lis_loh92@mail.ru

Nastya: Nastya_zhurba@mail.ru

Liza:    betty09@mail.ru

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One Response to Hello from Nastya and Lizas!!!

  1. Maria, Isabella & Emma says:

    Hi Nastya, Lisa and Lisa!

    We enjoyed talking to you and your classmates last Thursday, hope everything is going well with the IKEA case study. We will shortly e-mail you with a summary of what we have found about how the situation was mirrored in the Swedish press, along with a few questions we hope you can help us with.

    Take good care all of you, and e-mail or Facebook us if you want to talk; whether it’s about the case study or about snowboarding, riding bikes, FIFA/EURO games results or anything else really!

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