Hello from Russia

Hello to everybody. My name`s Alexandra and I`m a third year student of KSAEL. My major`s international marketing. I used to do a lot of different activities in my live as playing in a band on keys, dancing and so on. I believe that this project can help everybody to understand each others cultures and of course have fun and meet a lot of nice people. So, nice to meet you. I`m waiting for your questions!

Hallo everybody, my name is Maria. I`m 20 years old. I enjoy singing and playing piano. I spent at least 1/6 of my live on the stage. I`m very active and adventurous girl. I don`t like to sit on one place and do nothing. I have passion for camping and traveling. I’ve got a dream to jump with a parachute and to try scuba diving. I believe that this project will be very interesting. I want to know more about different culture. Looking forward for the beginning of the project.

We`d like to tell you some facts about Russian people. Russians value family and friends very much, so if you want to communicate more efficient you should built personal relations.

Hi, guys! Finally I got access to the Internet!!! I’m Ksenia, I’m 20. I always “thirst” for new friends. From different countries, different professions, different world views. May be that’s why this project is interesting for me.

What about myself…My mom is musician and my father is artist, so, I’m a person of creativity. I sing pretty well and paint pretty well too. In addition, I fond of motorcycles. In the past I spent time with bikers, ride with them in different cities of Far East.

So, I’m all-rounder. My interests are spread between music and sport. Very difficult to list all of them.

Thank you for attention. Hope, we will do well with our projects!=)

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One Response to Hello from Russia

  1. stina says:

    Hey. Nice to hear a bit about who you are. You all seem to be very international oriented and curious about the world. We got to know what Alexandra has as a majour and I can really see why this project will bennefit her. What do the rest of you studdy?

    Have any of you ever been to sweden or in europe? What did you think about it? (am trying to build personal relations to be able to comunicate the russian way xP ) It’s intresting how we can be so different but yet so similar. Here it’s more important with the CV and previous experiences when you, for exemple, apply for a job. The personal relations can get you an interview but who the job is given to is mostly founded on the impression the person gives and how quallified she might be for the job at hand.
    I spoke with Alexandra on facebook though, and it apears that we both chare the same love for House MD, How i met your mother, Skins and Glee. So even though our cultures differ in some ways, when it comes to the youth culture and what music and TV-shows we like, we are very similar despite the long distance 😛

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