Hello from Sveta, Nastya, and Sasha

Hello and three traditional russian kisses to you, dear friends. We are very pleased to see that you are interested in our culture as much as we do. (And thanks for the tips about yourselves, they will help us a lot).

Let us introduce ourselves and show some stereotypes about Russia on personal examples.

My name is Svetlana. I like arts and creative things. And I would really like to help you to understand Russian people. When you see me, you can probably think that I’ m not really a smile-lover, as well as the most Russian. And it is known, Russian people are avaricious on a smile. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t like something or we are in bad mood. The smile without the reason can confuse another person; force him to think that he looks funny. But Russians are unsmiling only for strangers. In the friendly company everything looks differently: Russians like joking very much and to give lots of smiles to their friends.

Unlike foreign people, Russian like to greet each time as they see the person even if the moment of last meeting has passed 30 minutes ago.  But it’s not accepted to greet strangers and start talking in the street, only if you have a request.

We also smile when we want to show our friendliness and hospitality to people with whom we would like to continue the relations and probably further friendship.

Hi, I’m Alexandra. I’m keen on Scandinavian history and mythology. I love music and I play the guitar. Besides, I’m a tea-lover. Many people make a huge mistake when say that Russians always drink vodka.  You will probably be surprised but Russians are very passionate about tea-drinking and are drinking it more than British people do.  Believe it or not, tea is the most popular beverage in the country and is closely associated with Russian traditions and culture.

If someone invites you to drink tea, expect to have some kind of pastry, cake or appetizers with it and it is a good idea to bring something with you. A cake or a box of chocolates will do.

If you don’t like tea, unfortunately, you have to drink it anyway. If you refuse to have tea, it will show lack of respect to the hosts. Also make sure you finish it.

Hello, I’m Anastasia. I’m very interesting in Business communications. And I wonder to travel a lot in my future. It’s very interesting to study a lot of things about nations by the communication.

I would like to tell you about stereotype, that Russians are very aggressive and it’s very difficult to deal with us. It’s a fairy-tales. I’ll give some little advances that could help you to understand us.

You must be able to build personal relationships with different people to solve any problem in Russia (from personal to business). You should do it in  such ways: to treat them with attention, do not forget to congratulate the holidays,  to give gifts and to drink together with the time off, go to the sauna, go to the company on the hunting or fishing, etc.

Building personal relationships with Russians  do not forget about the attractive personnel qualities: compassion for physical or mental pain of another person, active assistance to the person who got into trouble. Do not hide your problems as well as you used to do.

You can speek with Russians about all of themes, but most interesting are – politics and philosophy. Also as I’ve said it acceptable to discuss your problems.

It is not recommended to discuss the specific topic of money, career theme, show your talents and achievements for the self-promotion, it could characterize you as indiscreet person. Do not ask  questions about age, even the mention of it. Boring and uninteresting to talk about the weather.

Do not expect that the Russian is easy to agree to give you confidential information to each other, as happens in the U.S. and German. Long experience of total surveillance and informant brought up in us a strong distaste for the actions of this kind. The word “snitch”, “squealing” – almost abusive.

We’re waiting for your questions, and hope for future cooperation.

From Svetlana, Alexandra and Anastasiya with Love =)

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One Response to Hello from Sveta, Nastya, and Sasha

  1. Sarah and Ellen says:

    Hey girls! You look like 3 really nice and smart girls! 🙂
    We get the feeling that Swedes and russian people isn’t that different from eachother! When you say you don’t talk to strangers and that you’re not smiling to anyone, we can relate:)
    But also as you said, when you are friends you talk alot!
    It’s good to hear that you drink something else then vodka!! We figured that all russians drank vodka as water! (Btw, the swedish humor can be very ironic!)

    We had a good laugh when we saw that you don’t like to speak about the weather! In Sweden it’s the first thing you talk about when you meet someone!:D BUT, we promise not to talk about the weather with you girls!:D

    About the gifts you bring when you go to a pastry or so, we totaly agree! It’s a really nice gesture! Isn’t that what you guys call “blat”?:)

    Looking forward to speak to you! :D:D
    Хорошего дня!
    /Ellen and Sarah

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