Hello from Khabarovsk!


My name is Igor . I’m 19. ImageThere are a lot of exciting and interesting things in the world.that’s why i think that when we are young we should be more active and curious. And the cross-cultural communication is a great chance to show yourself and to know something new from the guys in another countries. Some words that I d like to say about myself. As for me I have a great interest to the different creative activities like a modern art or music. To my mind the creation is helping people to express yourself and it brings joy and interest to another people. Also I m fond of sports like snowboarding or serfing or skateboarding because all this things existing not only like a sport but also like a great culture . It is a mix of sport and creation .that’s why thousands people around the world tries to join to this activities. I thing it is a great common interest that can bring people together and also to make the communication more fun and easier.

Hello, my name is Dren Alexander. ImageI am 20 years old student of Public Academy Economy and Law. My major is international marketing. Free time i like to spent plaing basketball, walking, ice-skating and so on. Also i have work experiense in such big company like Adidas as seller- consalter. My friend says i am communicative, active and purposeful person. Hope for future cooperation!

Hi everyone! My name is Andrey, I’m third year student of Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law.  ImageI enjoy sport, whatever it may be, football, track and field or wrestling. By the way,  in our country sport is a very good way to strengthen relationships with your friends! For example, in Russia it’s almost a tradition to gather with your gang to watch football or hockey match together. Also I express confidence, that you’ll  quickly conquer the respect in our country if you are able to make a slam dunk like Michael Jordan or you are boxing like a Muhammad AliJ

I was very surprised to learn, that we had got such opportunity to take part in this amazing project. It’s a great possibility to learn a lot about another cultures, and that’s quite cool! While we are young, we must use each opportunity that we receive in order to develop ourselves. Don’t you agree with me, do you?

Hope, that we will find a common language with you easily!:)

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One Response to Hello from Khabarovsk!

  1. Gunilla says:

    Yes, I agree with you about that it’s important to use each opportunity we have to develop ourselves, but that it’s not only while you are young. It is important when you are older too. In matter of fact you never can be too old for that, I think! … Look at me, the old lady of the Swedish class! Ha ha ha
    I can see that you have a big interest in sports over there. It is the same in Sweden, I think. My children are dedicated in sports like soccer, floorball, downhill skiing, mountain biking and so on. I preferre cross-country skiing in the winter and MTB for the summertime.

    It’s nice to see that you actual have three guys in your class… we have only one, so… you win! Ha ha ha
    It is your group that’s going to collaborate with our, which includes four girls/women; myself, Maria, Karin and Anna. We look forward to it!
    Увидимся/ see you!

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