Communication is culture, culture is communication.

We did a work on children who are multilingual. It is a luxury for children to have a language for free. We are looking in to how parents can do to succeed in the development of their child’s multilingualism. We also look in to how language and culture is combined.

* Join the parents group. * Talk the minority language, often with the child. * Read stories, thru them there is often a culture- inspired tail * Sing songs * Watch movies and TV shows that appear on the minority language. To connect this work to literature in cross-cultural rhetoric, so we are looking deeper on the language and culture are in a crowd. What we came to was that these two separate threads weave very much into each other. There are many benefits to the children who are multilingual. For example, children have a more open mindset, increased vocabulary, understanding of other cultures and they are considered more attractive in the labor market. So we are confident that the child only lakes to be multi-lingual from birth. Communication is culture and culture is communication.

/Anna & Maria

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2 Responses to Communication is culture, culture is communication.

  1. Anders Eriksson says:

    Yes, Hall is right. To know a culture you need to know the language. And it is great advantage to have access to two cultures. Good job.

  2. To know a culture learning the native language is very important to understand the culture and its customs that are needed to be followed.So culture and linguism go hand in hand.To understand the language one must know the roots of its culture and vice versa.

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