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The comparison between a Swedish subculture and the major Swedish culture

In our essay we have examined the differences between a Swedish subculture, the bohemian subculture, and the typical Swedish culture. We have done this with the support of a bohemian Swede and our own knowledge about the Swedish culture, with … Continue reading

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A comparative study of the Somali culture and the Swedish culture in how we relate to death.

Somalis is one of the largest groups that are immigrating to Sweden. But we also found that Somalis have most difficulties to integrate in the Swedish society. 75% doesn’t even have a job. This is why we choose to compare … Continue reading

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Communication is culture, culture is communication.

We did a work on children who are multilingual. It is a luxury for children to have a language for free. We are looking in to how parents can do to succeed in the development of their child’s multilingualism. We … Continue reading

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The Swedish “raggar”culture

A description of the Swedish culture of the”raggare”   Our task was to select a subject for a project work with the size of 8-10 pages. Of course it had to be inside the frames of what we have been … Continue reading

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Why food is an important part of the culture

In our essay we have studied and compared the food culture of three different countries; Sweden, Italy and Japan. The three countries represent one type of culture each: Sweden is a performance-oriented culture while Italy is a relationship-oriented culture and … Continue reading

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