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CCR in the news!

We were so pleased to see the partnership between Orebro University (Sweden), Stanford University (U.S.A), and the Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law (Russia) in the news this week.  It’s great to see this cross-institutional collaboration, innovation, and hard … Continue reading

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Stanford Orebro Video Conference on Debunking Stereotypes

Students today used Adobe connection to engage in discussions about cultural stereotypes; as part of their activity, they were asked to imagine they had been chosen as an international team for a project to combat discrimination based on stereotypes and … Continue reading

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Emotions and Academics across Cultures

Participants, we hope you all enjoyed meeting each other during our workshop today! Please respond to the following questions about today’s exchange: What have you learned so far about the relationship between culture and emotion? What kinds of preconceived notions … Continue reading

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Uppsala-Stanford: International Perspectives on Serious Games

The focus of this video conference is the genre of “serious games”, namely games designed deliberately to persuade their players of a certain ideological stance, political position, or even about the exigency for taking action on an issue. The Games … Continue reading

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Uppsala-Stanford: Talking about Food Culture

The activity for November 17 between Stanford and Uppsala focuses on a very interesting topic: food culture.  The instructions for the exchange have students looking at ads and commercials for different foods, considering how these texts reflect, challenge, or help shape … Continue reading

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