Blogging Materials

ASSIGNMENTS: Since its inception in January 2007, the CCR blog has hosted many types of assignments. Below are a sampling of assignment sheets designed to accomplish a variety of pedagogical goals:

  • Campus Culture Photo Essay assignment: For this assignment, students use their own photographs to create a blog post photo essay that designs a particular culture or subculture on campus.
  • Research Project Source discussion: This assignment asks students to write a blog post that talks about a research topic in terms of a single source they have found at the beginning of their research.
  • Final Class Reflection: Designed to be assigned at the end of a term, this assignment asks students to reflect on their class and their cross-cultural collaborations.

BEST PRACTICES & HOW TO: Over time, CCR has developed a series of best practices designed to help contributors to the blog get the most out of their experience. All new participants are strongly encouraged to review the best practices and to print out, adapt, and distribute the Blogging Instructions to their students as needed.

  • Blogging Best Practices:  This handout suggests guidelines for instructors to follow to design effective blogging assignments and to foster a productive blogging experience for their students and international partners.
  • CCR Blogging Instructions:  This handout uses screenshots to provide step-by-step technical instructions for blog users.

REQUEST A CCR BLOG ACCOUNT: To request an individual or class account to our blog, contact the CCR Technology Specialist, Christine Alfano (